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How We Sell Your Property

How We Sell Your Property
Selling property in some countries, like Thailand, is unregulated and requires no training or professional qualification. Basically anyone with some interest can start getting into the property business from their home and start advising clients. At Chiangmai Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being a professional standards and requirements for developing trained property advisers. Our procedures, contracts, agreements and methods for closing comply with legal standards and are designed to protect the interests and ensure the safety of the seller and the buyer. These procedures include:-

- Discussing an accurate pricing strategy; we will provide information on current market conditions and trends that may affect the sale of your property.

- Prepare a specific 'Listing Agreement', depending on the type of property or business, in which you agree to the terms under which we may manage your property listing.

- Jointly, we will prepare an accurate description of your property that will highlight the main features and present the key facts that will be of interest to potential buyers. A series of photographs will be taken for use on the website that will help buyers to decide if they would like to know more information.

- Depending on the type of listing and the property type, a video may also be made that will be viewable on our website listing and accessible on internet via YouTube. This video may also include a 'flyover shoot' to really showcase the property features and location.

- The listing details will be posted on our website with appropriate highlights according to listing and property type. Additional printed advertising may also be provided.

- Using our system we will inform, via direct mailing, buyers who are interested in your type of property, and appraise the brokerage community of your property for maximum exposure.

- We will arrange all property showings for you in coordination with yourself or your representative. A Chiangmai Real Estate adviser will accompany all showings and provide appropriate explanation and support.


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